15. juni 2014

English sappy-post

As I am sitting in my bed right now thinking about going home in 3-4 days, it is easier for me to express myself in english, as it is the language I have been speaking everyday for almost 11 months. So I am sorry to all my Danish family and maybe friends who might be reading this, I just felt like I didn't want to write this all down in Danish.
I am sitting here, as I already wrote, and looking at my suitcase that is almost full, and then on all the rest on my stuff in my room. The last couple days I am sure that I have literally drove Monica and Rick nuts, only because I am getting so nervous and stressed out because of everything that is going to happen in just 3 and a half day. Thursday morning already, we will all be taking off for Madison airport, and I will be on my own for who knows how many hours, until I at 9 a.m. Danish time, friday morning, will arrive in Copenhagen.
The reason why it all is stressing me out is not only because of my suitcase though. I am only bringing one suitcase home, and keeping all the rest of my stuff here until I am coming back in July (already, I know!). In July I will come back for my host sisters wedding, and my sister will go with me, which mean that we both can bring a suitcase an not fill it up all the way, but then on the way home fill them both up will all my crap that I didn't fit into my suitcase now. That is my plan, so that is why I am not THAT stressed out about that. I still tend to stress out about packing all my stuff though. I think it is the whole thinking about packing my whole year down into a suitcase. I've never done that before, and when I started packing, I started cleaning my room. It ended up with that I found so many stuff that I forgot that I had, that I stressed out because I didn't know what to do with all that stuff.. So you get the point. It is pretty stressful to be me right now.
But no, the other reason besides me packing up, is because my year is over. Yes, I will come back again a month after I leave, but I will have my sister with me, and there is going to be tons of other people here. I mean, MY year is over. The year of my life, the year that I dreamt about before I arrived. It is all over, and it was over so quickly.
It is probably hard to understand for someone who hasn't experienced the same, but leaving your life behind to start a new one in another country is really hard, but it is still exciting. Then leaving the life you created, to go back to your old life, is even harder, and even scary in some part.
I am really excited to see my family and friends again. Of course I am! I haven't seen them in almost 11 months, and I miss them all so much! But thinking about how much I am going to miss everyone from over here is so hard too. I feel so lucky and thankful that I will see most of them already in July/August again!

Okay, that is it for my sappy post tonight. Now I will go to bed before I will have to say goodbye tomorrow, to one of my best friends over here who are leaving to go home to Taiwan on Tuesday.

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